Skate Sharpening

In our workshop
we can offer all types of skate sharpening. We have a Blademaster for hockey skates and figure skates.

For long track skates, we have a long track Zandstra radius machine for the best radius in the blades. You can choose different radius.
The most common radius is 21 for the ice rink but you can also choose for 22 or 23 for natural ice.
All long track skates are hand sharpened. Long track skates are unlike hockey skates or figure skates shapenend flat.


Ice hockey skates / Figure Skates € 7.50

Ice hockey skates model grinding € 10.00

Long track blades radius and grinding € 17.50

Long track blades radius € 10.00

Long track shapening € 12.50

You can wait nn shapening ice hockey skates and figure skates.
Long track skates can be picked up at the end of the day.