• Viking Silver Ice Clap Skates

Viking Silver Ice Clap Skates

Viking Silver 1 Ice Clap Skates
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Blades: Nagano 1
Material Tube: Steel
Thickness Tube: 0,75 mm
Skating Steel: Gelegeerd Koolstofstaal
Thickness Skating Steel: 1.1 mm
Hardness: 59/60 HRC
Attachment Skating Steel: Puntlassen
After Treatment: Slijpen
Finishing: Natlak
Color: Zwart
Height: 35 mm
Bracket: Nagano Zwart

This high performance cup shoe is made of fiberglass and has a tough black carbon look. The outer layer is made of black high quality imitation leather with a subtle silver and red trim. The lining feels soft and is made out of a high quality pure natural leather.

The Silver features a thermoplastic deformable heel, and can be shaped to your foot to fit perfectly. Heating and / or vacuum pulling is possible for that extra perfect fit, and  can best be done at the shop of a renowned Viking specialist.

The Silver shoe is mounted on a Nagano I undercarriage, a renowned Viking steel with a guaranteed long durability and low maintenance.

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