• Free-Skate Marathon MPS Blades
  • Free-Skate Marathon MPS Blades

Free-Skate Marathon MPS Blades

Free-Skate Marathon blades
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Chassis: Aluminium
Steel thickness: 1,1 mm
Hardness: 64 Rockwell
Radius: 23 M
Height: 5,2 cm
Binding: Salomon SNS
MPS System: Yes, for personal fine-tuning
Weight: 498 gram

The Free-Skate Marthon MPS irons are suitable for the demanding, athletic skater who has a good technique and a lot on the track skating them when you can go outside to take tours to make.
The base is made of anodized aluminum and containing an iron with a hardness of 60 Rockwell and a thickness of 1.1 mm. The height is 5.2 cm and slightly higher than the Free-Skate Tour iron. By the MPS (multi-positioning system), it is possible in all directions, the iron can be adjusted to achieve the optimum position for you of the iron relative to the shoe to come. This frame comes standard with a curve 23 for a proper control and safe disposal. Weight Free-Skate Marathon MPS irons is 498 grams and they are available 4 lengths.

Free-Skate have 4 lengths (S,M,L,XL)     
Look at your shoe size and under your length to determine the right blade size
Lichaamslengte 1.50 1.60 1.70 1.80 1.90 2.00  
36 S S S        
36 2/3 S S S        
37 1/3 S S S        
38 S S M M      
38 2/3 S S M M      
39 1/3 S M M L      
40   M M L      
40 2/3     M L      
41 1/3     M L      
42       L L    
42 2/3       L L    
43 1/3       L L L  
44       L L L  
44 2/3       L L L  
45 1/3       L L XL  
46       L XL XL  
46 2/3       L XL XL  
47 1/3       XL XL XL  
48         XL XL  
48 2/3         XL XL  
49 1/3         XL XL  
50         XL XL  


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