• Bauer Supreme S180 Ice Hockey Stick Senior

Bauer Supreme S180 Ice Hockey Stick Senior

Bauer Supreme S180 Ice Hockey Stick Senior
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: Premium 12K Carbon Composite Construction
: 10% stronger than traditional 3K Carbon Fiber with similar properties with a lightweight and responsive feel
: R2 Resin System
: Consistent resin flow provides a more efficient construction for a strong, lightweight product
: Square corners with double concave sidewalls
: Offers a traditional, boxy feel in the hands for maximum grip
: Grip stick finish Tactile texture on the underside enhances security and offers a natural feel in the hands
Flex Profile:
: Supreme Power Taper
: The .520 power taper boost torsional stiffness to maximize loading with less torquing and twisting for better control and precision
: Mid-Kick Point
: Engineered for maximum energy output with minimum effort
: Perfect for those who lean heavily into their sticks or want an effortless shot release
: Flex: 67
: 3K Carbon Composite Blade Wrap
: Increases puck feel, reduces blade weight and increases torsional stiffness
: Pure Shot Blade Profile
: Reinforced hosel area improves torsional stability for pin-point accuracy
: Aero-Foam 3 Core
: Same high performance foam core utilized in the top of the line MX3's PowerSense Blade without the additional Sense Layer
: High-density epoxy core material offers dampening for a softer feel and increased puck contact time, ideal for heavy slap shots and one-timers

The Bauer Supreme S180 hockey stick comes into the next installment of Bauer’s Supreme series line as a stick ideal for the power player that loves to unload bombs. The S180 features a new flex profile called Maximum Power Kick or MPK for short. With a lower taper integration, an amplified catapult effect is created to allow the S180 to efficiently store and release energy. It works by making the taper stiffer with a new high strength fiber reinforcement, this stiffer lower portion of the shaft combined with a softer upper to the shaft is what pushes the kick point to be even higher which helps the stick to easily load-perfect for providing powerful slap shots and one-timers.

The S180 uses a more traditional fused construction made with premium 3K carbon fiber. It also features the same great blade as its predecessor with Aero Foam 3 blade core. The upgrade in the blade comes from the blade wrap itself which features BimaX 3K carbon composite, a material that is stronger in tensile strength. This model is made available in both griptac and clear finishes

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