• Bauer Nexus 1000 Elbow Pads Junior

Bauer Nexus 1000 Elbow Pads Junior

Bauer Nexus Elbow Pads
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: Covered hard cap design
: Lightweight EPP foam + poly insert forearm guard
: Lightweight EPP foam in bicep guard
: High density foam lateral insert
: Dome Technology joint protection
: THERMO MAX liner
: Two piece design
: Independent bicep guard construction
: Multi-segmented bicep construction
: Triple secure closure system
: Elbow donut secures propor elbow placement

The Nexus 1000 features a two piece design with an independent bicep guard construction. The two piece design gives the elbow pad a greater range of motion, and allows the player to stickhandle freely. 

The Nexus 1000 has lightweight EPP foam in the bicep guard and in the forearm guard, plus poly inserts in the forearm guard. The 1000's also feature high density foam lateral inserts that help protect against slashes and high impact collisions.

Unlike the Nexus 600 elbow pads, the 1000's feature Bauer's THERMO MAX liner.  The THERMO MAX technology helps wick away moisture, prevent odor build up, and regulate body temperature, all while maintaining an excellent level of comfort.

The Nexus 1000 elbow pad is attached with three different straps. On the bicep guard there is a 1.5" velcro strap, and on the forearm there is a 2" velcro strap. Unlike the 600's, the 1000's also feature an anchor strap across the elbow joint to ensure a secure fit.

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